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Cleaning and Maintaining your Outdoor Space

-cleaningAs summer draws to a close, there are several checks suggested by deck builder columbus, ohio you can do to keep your deck or patio in great shape for the coming seasons.
Clean your grill and grates.
Move plants indoor or discard ones that won't survive the cold weather temperatures.
Clean off your deck and stain if needed. Just make sure the temperatures range between 50-90 degrees. Also check the weather to ensure that rain isn't in the forecast for the next 24 hours.
Care for Outdoor Water Pipes
As the colder temperatures approach, your garden hoses and outdoor water pipes require special care. Prevent frozen pipes with these simple steps:
Drain and store garden hoses and their reels during the off season. Freezing temperatures can rupture the hose, and cold air can run through your hose into your water pipes, potentially damaging them.
Have in-ground sprinkler systems professionally blown out and winterized.
If possible, turn off your outside water supply.
Care for Patio Furniture
Properly storing your patio furniture when out of use will prolong its life and beauty, making sure your investment in your outdoor living environment lasts.
Before you store your furniture or outdoor toys, rinse them off with a garden hose to clear away debris. When you take them out of storage in the spring, it would be wise to rinse them again to remove dust.
Cover patio furniture in plastic or invest in covers designed to protect your furniture from the elements.
If you have the storage space, keep your patio furniture in a garage, basement or shed during the off-season.
Keep umbrellas off the floor where bugs can get in them, which might cause damage.
Wash Your Windows
"Cleaning your windows as the seasons change will help them survive the strains of various temperature changes", said professionals from maids services fort worth texas. Summer can be just as hard on your windows as the winter season. Remove the screens, but you don't have to remove the shutters to do a thorough job.
Before you wash with water, use a broom or mop to remove spider webs, excess dirt and other large items from the windows. Watch out for stinging insect nests.
If your home has several stories or lots of windows, consider attaching a window-washing mixture to your garden hose to help you reach high places.