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Short Feminine Hairstyles For Women

Short Feminine Hairstyles for Women – In this year 2014, short hairstyles appear as one of the latest trends. Therefore, we decided to write an article that collects the most current and modern hairstyles with short feminine hairstyles, the purpose of that you can see the options and decanters by the court that will go better, according to your style or as the face.

The types of short feminine hairstyles that here we are going to show an example of a catalog that includes the latest trends this season. So if you want to go to the latest fashions, you have only to continue our free tips, where you point out the short haircuts that best suit you best. Let’s start with one of the short hairstyles that are great for oval face or round face. It is a court lady, very feminine, it goes with long bangs to one side and the hair combed forward covering his face. Hair should smooth. Pictured hair dyed platinum blonde goes is a color that also falls under the latest trends.

This is one of the short hairstyles that best serve to disguise a big nose or a long, prominent or hooked nose and large ears to disguise a hair since the cap completely. Now we show one of the latest cuts short hair and different that I just showed you, who also appears in the journal mentioned at the beginning. This cut is great for long face, since the long faces are hidden cuts short curly or wavy hair. This is one of the short haircuts more volume and movement. The coat knurled and cut layers and bangs going sideways. It’s as if all the hair disheveled, but the tips are all up, and the short cut goes back long before. Besides hides elongated faces, comes in handy to hide a small, narrow forehead.

Without a doubt, is a section for young people, which has been much this fall, but it’s going fashionable in the spring and summer of 2014. During winter always tend to carry more other types of short haircuts, although is also into fashion, so we can say that has been one of the most modern hairstyles in all seasons.


Continuing our choice of short hairstyles. Now we are going to show a cut with very peculiar crest. We cut all the hair covering the face goes to a size smaller than the rest, so you can make very original ridges make the hair to different sides. This is one of the short hairstyles that can look skewed (the hair is not cut evenly and is completely asymmetrical bangs). Although it considered masculine, and which can also be worn by men, women and radical gives a feminine image. This is a right cut for square faces.

Now we want you to see one of these cuts can also be made ​​for women, wavy hair which is its main feature, straight hair with this cut does not look good. But if your hair is not curly, also cannot do, keeping the slightly longer hair to curl with curlers. We can consider this cut, first, of the classics, but on the other hand, is very creative, especially in women.

As seen for men can also be very good. Even it seems a good idea for most women who want more youthful styles. It is important to know, though the picture does not appreciate well, because the court will with waves, the hair is fully fazed. For teenagers, who are always more daring, we have also selected short hairstyles that you can see in the following pictures. Observe first and then discuss both short feminine hairstyles. What I do want to point out first is that these hairstyles are for both girls to boy.

According to the face, you can decanters by one style or another. The section shown in the first photo is fine for chubby faces, while the second image is best for oval or elongated face, as much rounded forms of the face. In the first cut, the hair is going a bit curly and combed forward. The wings are shorter than the top of the head, to make this striking ridge. If you wonder how to make the stay as fixed crest forward and tilted to one side, I explain step by step. What you have to do is dry your hair with a good hair dryer and a round brush and make not stop the way you want to. When hair is completely dry it is when we will take a lot of hairspray to stay completely set.

In another picture we see one of the short feminine hairstyles is best if we do it with little hair. We used to hide a big, wide, broad forehead. We can even change it a bit with straight bangs realizing it; I’d remember a little bob style. Now we will show one of the short hairstyles over woman. As for cuts for teens and daring, there are also traditional and elegant women. The cut point out now, despite being classic, also removes years, he continues modern, vibrant and is a very good choice.

There are many celebrities who wear a similar style to this one! But if you think a bit serious, you can cheer with lighter wicks, which are also very fashionable. Finally we want to recommend you not afraid to cut off your main 2014. Women today bold, well the world of hairdressing is now well underway and if were not happy with our look we can always fix the issue with extensions. On the net there are videos that show how extensions and either left at the end they get.