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Hairstyles 2014 In Newest Short Hairstyles

Short hair is fashionable this season spring and summer of 2014. Below we show newest short hairstyles. In turn, we provide some tips and tricks that will help you know what the hairstyle that suits you is. If you have a round face, I recommend you similar to that shown in this first picture hairstyle. The wavy hair is ideal for acetone or cordite. Moreover, they are juveniles and informal.

In the next picture one of the most original and hairstyles modern short hair sample. These quaff hairstyles are ideal for ladies who have a long face. Hairstyles this style looks great on straight hair. Now we offer a model of short hair for youth and adolescents. These children hairstyles look great on people who have little hair. Next, we explain how to make them: you just have to home care hair, apply some hair gel and separate the hair with your fingers. Thus, you get these as bold shapes. If you have a square face, we suggest haircuts with bangs. These home hairstyles are ideal for young people who have to attend the prom.

The new trends of 2014 betting on short cuts hair with curls. These newest short hairstyles with curly hair rejuvenate the face and remove years. To give it a more original touch you can add any kind of supplements with flowers. If you have an oval face you will fine hair short hairstyles with bangs forward. These hairstyles are for going out day and night.


Hairstyles short hair pin-up are great for gala. These hairstyles are elegant and quick to make. Worn with accessories and ornaments that complement the dress we carry for the occasion. The pin-up style is trendy at weddings. So if you’re the godmother of the bride do not hesitate to go for a hairstyle of these.

Finally, we provide a hairstyle for woman made ​​of water waves. These hairstyles are made with medium or short bangs. As you can well see after seeing the photos, newest short hairstyles can be just as elegant. Do not forget that you can short hair will add all the accessories you want, as headband hairstyles with braids, etc. are carried.