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Chest Tattoo Designs

Often come in asking about the healing of the chest tattoo designs. Here we have compiled a small description of this process, so it will be a little clearer. Everyone If you have an appointment with a union studio you get after a clear identification with the aftercare of the tattoo. Always read this carefully and do not listen to the “specialist “behind the bar, but take the follow- definition as a starting point.

The tattoo is applied by means of needles in the skin. When the tattoo is finished, the skin around the tattoo will be a little red, this has to do with shaving, poking and cleaning the skin.

Within hours, the red glow to fade the tattoo, the location of the tattoo will remain at first set up and glow. Pull especially the first night (when the tattoo is put in place as, arm, shoulder, lower back) an old, but mostly clean t – shirt, because there is ink left by fluid flowing from the skin of the skin. It often happens that people panic because they wake in the morning to find the imprint of the tattoo. Their bedding when the shirt in the morning is adhered to the shirt, you can release this week with lukewarm water. (Especially, pull out).


There will be a crust occur at the site of the chest tattoo designs, within days not lubricate the tattoo thick now, the crusts are then week and the tattoo is not getting enough oxygen to heal. When the tattoo will not be smeared with the ointment prescribed, it will be too dry and will burst causing ink bleeding through the skin it can go from (parts of the tattoo are thus blurred color). It also makes it scar tissue may form.

The crust will shrink slightly after a few days, it may look as if the tattoo is going to flow, this is not the case, the tattoo is healing and the part that sticks out is more or less “free” from crusting.

During this healing itching may occur, now try not to scratch your tattoo and be a part of the crust is removed, which in turn may result. Risk of bleeding or scar tissue by mistake never pull loose crusts; wait patiently until the crust is naturally fallen.

When all the scabs are gone, the tattoo looks vaguely of color, this is true! The tattoo is not fully healed, there are still small membranes on the tattoo back after a few days this membrane will fade, and smear is still recommended.

When all membranes are gone, and the skin does not shine longer has the tattoo to heal in its entirety. What to do if it appears that parts have not caught well after the healing of the chest tattoo designs? In almost all cases, the tattoo artist will update it free of charge for you. Please note the warranty period of the studio, which has made ​​too late, his appointment is his guarantee mass and a fee will be charged.

Nevertheless, you should expect a healing time of 7 to 10 days and then the skin some extra pampering with a cream.