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Hand tattoo designs

Hand tattoo designs

Many women and girls just dream to have Hand tattoo designs, for some this desire becomes an obsession. After all, every person wants to somehow stand out from the crowd. Today’s Beauty-Hands.ru tells whether it is worth doing tattoos, what tattoo is best done on the hands and how to care for them.

Before applying the tattoo, you should know that it eventually may be slightly modified. This occurs because during life can change the overall design and the person’s weight. Tattoos do not look very nice when a woman gets dramatically. All graceful lines can easily become misshapen and uncertain.

If a girl has caused tattoo according to some fashion trends, it should be remembered that this figure will last a lifetime. With a strong desire to have a tattoo can make temporary inscription on the Hand tattoo designs. These tattoos can hold up to a month on average. And after some time, these drawings disappear without a trace.

Also do not forget that tattoos may hinder your career. Now, many companies refuse to allow people to work with piercings or tattoos on his arms and body, because it is contrary to corporate ethics.

Tattoos can really change the attitude towards the people around you. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that a girl having a tattoo or lettering on his hands just cannot be educated, serious and discreet , this too is worth remembering .


Tattoos on the hands for girls can serve as self-expression, self-assertion. Well chosen pattern can help you to loudly declare them, will help raise awareness and generate interest in your personality, many people want to know you as a person closer.

On top of the tattoos on the hands of the girls can serve as a talisman, a protective talisman, which will always be protected. And you can This amulet chooses you, as it may make the animals happy number, a line from a prayer or any other object.

Tattoos on the hands can be very diverse. Someone wants to see any realistic drawings, and some Arabic characters, characters or Celtic patterns. In this you can completely trust my imagination.

Very impressive and interesting tattoos will look like that you come up with yourself. This is very original and unusual. But you can safely select a picture from the catalog; it will not affect its beauty. Often girls want to have a Hand tattoo designs your wrist, it may be different inscriptions, Aphorisms, but remember that these tattoos are quite small, as small wrist. That is why you should choose only short aphorisms and inscriptions, and not whole sentences, because anything can and will merge like one big blur.