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Sexy Back Tattoos

Sexy Back Tattoos

Sexy Back Tattoos for everyone! Again, becomes one of the favorite writing team of Sensational ranking. That’s right; we are pleased to present the new special.

Finally, as each report, always repeat ad nausea (but as Martha La Grande we said age, public renew) a tattoo, as it were, a modification of skin color in which a design is created, a figure or text in ink or some other pigment under the skin of a person.

But this time we decided to do an interview with Lucas Vincent (aka Dino), one of the best tattooists Sur area, some local business that work very well in both Drogue as in Lomas de Zamora. Dino graciously agreed to an interview with The Sensational and here tells us a little of your experience.

Look, I have 35, and I discovered this tattoo makes it easy, and 15 years. I wanted to dedicate myself to drawing and started professional student in art school, but as a hobby made ​​drawings, graphics, comics, stencil, but it was something that did not take me anywhere. One day I went to get a Sexy Back Tattoos and gradually met this world through a person who worked at a local gallery a very famous Northern Quarter. And after showing some drawings I did, I was hired as, let’s put apprentice. Initially made ​​sheets, drawing patterns, to cleanse the skin. A year later or so, after going to a festival this person who invited me, I got the machine and told me to complete a tattoo. That first feeling was very strange, it was kind of afraid to hurt people, but when you see the finished work you have wanted to do more. After that, I started practicing on myself and when my friends saw the results, I was asked to also make them a tattoo, so my practice was with them. Now I have a lot of tattoos that time do not bother me now, I got used to them and are a great memory for me because I also learned with them.


- No, of course it is clear that we must know how to draw, anyone can do a tattoo, because they can do so without first drawing a line that you do on the skin. Take into account that a tattoo can be wrong, you can go a line, and if he cannot fix it is difficult to draw, imagination is needed. There are also people who come with a drawing and say “I want this Sexy Back Tattoos ,” and you have to copy the same skin then becomes what is called transfer , which is a transparent paper that has lots of fiber , and a special pen is trace the pattern on the skin (something like a carbon copy). Then with cotton swab moistened with water is passed across the drawing, like a sticker and make the transfer. There already have skin model drawing, which takes about four hours, so someone might do so not knowing draw, but I think it’s very risky.