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Tattoo Quote Ideas

Putting permanent ink on your skin in the form of Tattoo quote ideas is an increasingly popular way for people to express themselves. However, because they are permanent, choosing the best design is an important step in the process. Most people agree that coming up with tattoo ideas that are original and unique are a great way to stand out from all the others who have tattoos. Here are some sources that you may get some ideas of your own.

Pop culture: This includes anything and everything related to movies, music, sports and so on. A character from your favorite movie, especially in an iconic scene, could be a cool tattoo. Rock band logos and album covers are also a potential source of tattoo ideas. Maybe sports are more your thing and that is another area ripe for tattoo designs. Cartoon characters are another favorite way of expressing who you are. Characters from books are always a possibility, too.


Ancient culture: There is evidence that people long ago tattooed as the Stone Age, so, why not look to the past as a source of design? You should really only use these designs as you understand them and have a respect for what they represent. Tribal deigns of Native America, Africa and Polynesia, Celtic knot work and hieroglyphs are all ripe for harvest cooling ink concepts. You could also show pointing. Using a more modern look you are interested in ancient culture

Words, the old “Mom” tattoo can be designed to something humorous, but words are an excellent choice for Tattoo quote ideas. Your favorite quote , the name of a spouse or child, religious passage , song lyric or any other words, a direct statement about who you are .

Your life: We all have our own unique experiences in life, and a way to commemorate them with a tattoo. Everything you want from the moment you were born to do this very moment is fair game. Think of the things that have shaped who you are, fun times you’ve had, or losses along the way to start getting possible designs.

Imagination: This is where some of the best tattoo designs come from. If you have a vivid imagination, or ideas you write (or make rough sketches if you are artistically inclined). On the other hand, if you have a hard time coming up with ideas of your own, you can always look books by the flash on the tattoo parlor. You can use the design is, or use them as the basis for a completely original design.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to tattoo designs is that they say something about you. Where your Tattoo quote ideas will determine who gets to see that message, so keep that in mind too. Because the ink is permanent, it is very important that you consider each tattoo before you.