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Maori neck tattoo ideas

He Maori are known for their elaborate tattoos. If the New Zealanders often tattooed her face, but a shoulder or Neck tattoo ideas in this style in Europe is portable.

A tattoo in Maori style should not be too small, on the contrary. The tribal’s are welcome to cover. Across the back, the whole arm or upper arm, including shoulder the chest is a large area that can be tattooed in full. You can also choose the thigh or buttocks together – but if it should be a little smaller – a wide band around the thigh or upper arm.
To meet the style of Maori Neck tattoo ideas, look to the internet a lot of pictures. Important are the intricate, interwoven pattern, representing a major work of art.
The tattoos include many frills and round elements, but in this embedded triangles, dots and lines.
You can also visual elements in your tattoo, for example, stylized eyes, feathers or wings.


It is also important that the tattoo adapts to the contours of the body. This makes the New Zealand Body Art as harmonious. The bends and corners of the body are embedded in the Neck tattoo ideas.
Small facial tattoo in New Zealand Style
If you dare face tattoo, must be less than your role models in New Zealand wear. The Kiwis traditionally tattooed her face, but this would be very noticeable in our region.

A small portion of your cheek could be a tattoo, which then runs through your neck. Suitable be careful here and not choose too dark tribal’s.
The chin as manageable and definable area of the face can be tattooed. Stay here in the bright part.