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Arm Tattoos For Men Best Design

Arm Tattoos For Men are better fathers, writes on Monday 10 May. In the header of the message is also that tattooed men better men. Researchers from the University of Wroclaw (Poland) did a study on the relationship between tattoos and the symmetry of the human body. But what makes tattooed men better than fathers?

FHJ Fact Check wondered: what is good or what is the best man, and what does that have to do with tattoos? We feel knocked outlined by Press image of Arm Tattoos For Men and best father not quite. We thought so earlier type and as far as we know (not checked!) With good fathers they have no tattoos. Also notable was the difference between the headline and the lead of the message. In the head are better men and better fathers in the lead. These are different variables.

Then we asked at the University of Wroclaw research on. That study Tattoo and piercing as signals of biological quality were about the possible link between the symmetry of the human body and having tattoos and piercings.

Polish scientists examined more than two hundred men and women. Half did have tattoos (and piercings) and the other half did not. Their whole body was measured. The study states that symmetry makes a person more attractive and symmetrical people are often healthier. What was found? Arm Tattoos For Men were more symmetrical than men without tattoos. In women, there was no difference.