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Girl sleeve tattoos ideas gallery for you

Small cute tattoos of hearts, butterflies and stars are not the only ones who are “in” anymore among the fashion girl sleeve tattoos saved. Some women have obviously had big, bold tattoos long, but it is not until recent years that this really has become a fashion phenomenon.

Historically, as there are men who have been the most graced the body with large tattoos, but not so anymore.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand that tattoos should be something personal, say something about yourself or about your background, and certainly not be a copy of a celebrity – tattoo. Girl sleeve tattoos feel free to use as inspiration, but there is also the line if you want to avoid appearing as “fake”.

On Saturday Jake sat for 7 hours at max tattoo in Oslo – this time he made ​​a great on the back! When visiting is such a place one is affected (I will also have … – thought came creeping). But I ‘vet decided that I should only have a single tattering more – my child’s name on the wrist. From before I have an orchid on her shoulder and the text “faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase “on the forearm.

Here is an excerpt of Girl sleeve tattoos I think is pretty girls – neck, shoulders, dorsum of feet, wrists and is fine. But stay away from oneself (whole arm), abdomen, buttocks, calves, thighs and especially breast!