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Unique tattoo ideas

Tattoos of pin- ups

One of the most iconic images in the history of unique tattoo ideas is the pin- ups. Ideas for topics of pin -ups may include a portrait of a famous movie star of the 1950s such as Marilyn Monroe or the image of the celebrated burlesque and pin -up Betty Page.

Nautical tattoos

Many of retro tattoos adored by fans of rockabilly gained fame by sailors of the U.S. Navy. Because of this strong connection with the sea, the old tattoos usually bring a nautical theme. If you want a vintage unique tattoo ideas style related to the Navy, choosing a classic nautical star design or a compass. The compass was regarded by sailors as a sign of protection while they were at sea. Another common symbol on nautical tattoos is the anchor.


Rockabilly tattoos for women

Many devotees’ women choose variations of this style a bit more feminine when they make a retro tattoo. Some classic designs are often chosen by those hearts and swallows. The sailors choose the bird as a symbol of loyalty, family and protection. The heart represents love and good fortune and is often designed with the name of a loved one or a track crossing the arrow.

Mexican tattoos and religious

Another style of retro rockabilly tattoo related movement is the religious or Mexican-themed drawing. Some unique tattoo ideas commonly seen within this style are Christian images such as the Virgin Mary. Also popularized by sailors, religious tattoos were also seen as symbols of faith and protection. Classics such as the skull, inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, Mexican designs are also a popular option.