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Tattoo sleeve ideas for women

Tattoo sleeve ideas for women

What do you think of making a Tattoo sleeve ideas for women? This is your big dream? If the answer is yes, then nothing better than to think well what if you want to mark the skin so that then when the time pass, you are not fully repentant.

Many tattooists advise not to use the body to mark the names of loves, bands and other things that can be part of your life for just one time. The delicate tattoos for women really can be great choices to make in your body.

How to choose the location for tattoo

So you do not run the risk of getting sick with the design, it is best to do your Tattoo sleeve ideas for women on body parts that are not seen at all times. For a first tattoo, make designs on hands, wrists and fingers cannot end up being a good idea, unless the design is unobtrusive. But if you already have complete certainty what will tattoo, can go without fear. The delicate tattoos for women are much simpler to make, so opt for them.


How to choose a good professional

With the great explosion of fashion accessory that tattooing turned out, there are thousands of people out there that “tattooist ” are said. But nothing to lend your skin to serve as role erasure anyone! To find out if the professional you choose is really good, find out what were the drawings that he tattooed. You need to be careful before getting a tattoo so that it will not cause you problems in the future.

Then also take a good look at the environment that the tattoo will be done. If dusty, dirty with food debris or if the artist receives a client as soon as someone leaves, prefer to look for another professional.

Always insist he is wearing gloves and mask, plus a table, chair or bed sheet coated with disposable litter. Another tip is to keep an eye on pots of paint, which must also be disposable, besides the used needles.

How to care for tattoo

No sun, pork, lotions or moisturizers tattooed in place. The trick is to spend a healing ointment as Bepantol or Nebacetin. Another important tip is to always use sunscreen if your Tattoo sleeve ideas for women stay in a place exposed to the sun. Never scratch or take the cone of the tattoo.

In the early days a very large scaling occurs, and it seems that all ink drawing will come out. But do not worry, always pass an ointment to keep the skin moisturized and prevent cracking. Let’s check out some examples of delicate tattoos for women.