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Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

Half Sleeve Tattoo

How many times have you thought about tattooing and eventually gave up because I did not know what the drawing half sleeve tattoo?

You may have been upset, but your problem is less close to those who, even without knowing what he wanted, he followed the impulse and sent bullet in the first drawing I had in mind (or you saw in the studio). Rest assured friend. If you are to make your first tattoo, I have some words that will be useful.First, of course, let the classic tips:  Now for the three observations that I really want to tell You :

“I wanted to do but have pain …”

Remember when you were a kid and your parents warned you not to go down that epic hill in soapbox car, skateboard or bike and that if you “or as – up ” do it, not only would the punishment as a whole would also grate?

Well. His parents went to work and his hands were already sweating. Younger children already knew everyone looked at you like you’re the most dangerous guy in the street. One last analyzed the strategy and you let out a nervous giggle and challenging before accelerating like there is no tomorrow.


It was good, huh, kid?

Yes yielded a punishment and a beautiful burnt grated , but as the scar was there , you would remember how it was to be free and go its own way , that unique feeling of childhood , to challenge the world having fun .

Before last month, when I did another tattoo, was the last time I felt like this…

Your hand, grated burning, but the wind of the hill always makes it worth the scar.

If you stand the stride as a child, why do you think – adult – will not do the same?

I have two  Half Sleeve Tattoo.

My first was the outline of a nib on display. I made a drawing that ugly Half Sleeve Tattoo artist friend, Marilia, made ​​cherishes spending for my skin and, boy, were 15 minutes pain of hell. But I left there with a grin that it was not me.