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Chest tattoo designs for women

Chest tattoo designs for women

Chest tattoo designs for women – The needle dances no longer only at discrete sites when young women are being chest tattoo. Previously, young women may have made ​​a small tattoo on the ankle, or stored on a bit of the way across the lower back, where it was hidden under clothing. But today seeking young women both more visible and often larger tattoos

Many young women have made ​​a so-called chest piece – a tattoo from shoulder to shoulder across the upper part of the chest – which is visible even with a not very low cut blouse. That is the consensus of a number of tattoo artists from

- There is clearly a tendency for girls ‘ go bigger’. The girls have done really great things today, often old school motifs like roses, two swallows or hearts, but also writing, says Liz Kirstein, better known as ‘ Tattoo – Liz from Copenhagen, spokesperson for Independent Tattooists.

She adds that the trend is driven by celebrities, actors and models, for example the Danish model and MTV host Anne Linfield that is heavily chest tattoo.


It is typically ‘ the fast hipster girls ‘ 20s, who have had a chest piece, says Martin from tattoo shop Rex Mundi in Copenhagen. He has made ​​10-12 chest pieces over the past year.

- The young women in 18 -20- 25 year olds that get them made. They perceive it like to go down and buy a piece of jewelry for themselves. Flowers are very much in demand, but also writing. If a friend or family member has died, choosing some of getting tattooed a quote from the deceased or a quote that says something about the deceased, she says.

The tendency is on less severely affected in the province, estimates Christian Nielsen, longtime owner of Body signs Tattoo in Esbjerg.

I’ve made a few, but there are not many girls who go all in and get done the big chest tattoos from shoulder to shoulder. The girls scale probably a little more down over here. Many people choose a tattoo across one collarbone, for example, a butterfly or flower. The major tattoos are probably more a metropolitan phenomenon, he says, adding:

But it’s only a half weeks ago, a young woman came in and got tattooed ‘ Ink not mink ‘ across his chest. The tattoo designs are not only used as decoration, but also statements.