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Lower Back Tattoos

Women Lower Back Tattoos are some of the most fashionable tattoos because they are very sensual and sexy. Apart from that lots of ladies or girls get lower back tattoos because it has a special value for them. Nearly 25 % of Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 have a tattoo and 20 % of girls out to have a lower back tattoo. Lower back tattoos are generally located on the small of the back or on the crown of the buttocks. This location accessorizes a woman beautiful female silhouette.

Means the following Women’s Lower Back Tattoos

It is believed that a broad range of power or “kundalini ” is stored in the lower back of the body. It is also considered to be a chakra point is connected to the energy flow. Lots of people report a unique feeling in this place when it receives a lower back tattoo.


Admired Women Lower Back Tattoos

Lotus Flower is an unusual choice for a lower back tattoo. It has buds, seed pods and flowers that are known to be responsible for the elderly, the present and the future. In general, flower lower back tattoos embody fertility and female attractiveness. Animals also show productivity and strength in Celtic traditions.

There are thousands of women lower back tattoos to choose from. Be it large tattoos, small tattoos, cross tattoos, tribal tattoos, star tattoos or even heart tattoos. You can even merge one or more tattoo figures, if you will.

Rewarding Women Lower Back Tattoos

Female lower back tattoos can clearly be invisible when you need, especially if you need to cover it up occupations or cover it from your mother and father.

Ladies lower back tattoos cause a woman’s body to work very sensual and tempting. They enrich a woman’s womanly curves. There is also an expansive collection of women’s lower back tattoos to take off.  Celebs with Women Lower Back Tattoos. Pamela Anderson has a tribal tattoo on the lower back.Angelina Jolie has a tattoo of a tiger on her lower back.Nicky Hilton has a tattoo of the word “Hilton” on her lower back.Julia Roberts has a tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back.Supermodel Anna  Has a large star tattoo on the lower back.