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Trendy Mohawks hairstyle

Trendy Mohawks hairstyle as while most people see hairstyle in Mohawks as a symbol of culture of punk rock of 70s and 80s, this hairstyle actually dates back much further and comes with a story very interesting. Indians of State of New York used this hairstyle during wartime to intimidate enemy. This tradition has been brought by people around world and of all ages, who enjoy making a statement with this intimidating and aggressive style.

Mohawks hairstyle is still popular and trendy hairstyle among certain subcultures and youth groups. If you want to experiment with hairstyles alternative, you can go to a hairdresser to realize yourself a professional Mohawk. However, you can save money by asking a friend to do it at home. All you need is a good machine haircut, cut close to root. Cutting machine also helps you when you want to tweak your hairstyle.


Color of Mohawks hairstyle usually has two sections color. Those two sections are lengthy top part down center and sides buzzed short. You can make color these two parts in separate. One way to color Mohawk is by having darker sides and a light top. Any Color is usable, but using dark colors on side will help amazing looks.

Mohawks hairstyle can vary in length. However, not all Mohawks have to be extreme and shocking. You can use hair gel and you can form top of hair into a miniature Mohawk. You can wear your Mohawk in various ways. Mohawk hair in standard style is upward, straight from front to back in a single row. One way of changing this is by parting Mohawk into two separate rows with space in center. Another concept is called liberty spikes. This Mohawk is a series of five to 10 dense spikes down center.