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Cool Crackle Nail Polish

Crackle nail polish is an art of nail design really cool that is very popular at moment. This is a unique new look that is super easy to do.

This following I put up a quick guide on how to do crackle nail polish at home. You must first get crackle nail. It is everywhere in pharmacies now. You can find it at all other nail polish. Then you need another color of regular nail polish. Apply two coats of nail polish color of your choice. Try contrasting colors with crackle glaze, such as black and gold, black and pink and blue and black. You can also choose colors to match your outfit or your makeup. For example, I used a black nail polish regularly to pass under color on my nails crack. Then I bought pink crackle varnish.

Crackle nail polish comes in so many colors now that you can match two colors together. You need a base color when you make crackle or it will not work. My favorite colors are pink and black together, which is why I chose these colors. You can make all colors together though.

I have done a pink base color and black crackle and look really good. For effect nail that I first applied black nail polish my nails at all. I then let them dry. Then I applied a thin layer of pink crackle nail polish on top of nail black nail polish each and then let them dry. Then I applied a layer of pink nail polish cracked on top of that. I let my nails dry and then apply a clear topcoat on top of everything. I let my nails dry for 5 minutes and that’s it. Good luck when you do on your nails.