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Cool Nail Art Design 2014

One of cool nail art design in 2014 is plastic fake nails. It is very common to use fake nails for different reasons, such as to beautify hands, get uniform to decorate nails with Nail Art, Nail decorated look and predesigned or simply avoid eat nails or prevent them from deteriorating.

Before choose plastic fake nail as cool nail art design, you should take a right choice among false nails must distinguish between porcelain nails, acrylic nails, gel nails or nail plastic. Get their names suggest, main difference is in compound with which they are made. Gel nails, acrylic and porcelain are achieved by a professional manicure or aesthetic centers using manicure or asking ourselves a series of more specific tools for settling nails from home. Plastic nails or nail tips, however, are of a lower quality and duration is lower, but great advantages that make them most common are; its low price, it’s easy to find a thousand sizes and shapes almost any store and convenience of easily doing at home.

However, it is always good to know some tricks to place plastic fake nails at home to get really cool nail art design. With these tricks to place fake nails at home you can wear a nice manicure at a greatly reduced price. If you take good care, these nails can last you up to one week.

plastic fake cool nail art design also can to find them unpainted to decorate to your liking and thus experience designs Nail Art with French manicure (they are most common) or ready-made designs (save yourself time). To remove plastic fake nails just have to wait for it to fall off by themselves. If you have not given them much glue in a few days will begin to loosen. But if this does not happen do not worry, cover your nail with cotton soaked in acetone and leave on 30 minutes. In this way you will eliminate artificial nail.