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Trendy Hello Kitty Nail Designs

Hello kitty nail designs are not complicated. It is fun and trendy nail design. Paint nails with a punch Hello Kitty is easy ways. You can paint face of Hello Kitty in many ways, some more complicated and more easy to make. We suggest you to start design senility do. You just will need white, red, yellow and black enamels, punch with small ball and top coat or transparent enamel to protect your nails.

We recommend applying anything before a layer of transparent base coat to your nails to protect enamel and also for design background stays brighter. First step to Hello kitty nail designs is draw a thick white line at tip of nail, like a French manicure, but trying to reach almost half of nail, so that design is not too small. This line can draw it with help of guide manicure or just freehand.

Once dry, paint a yellow dot in center of white line using a punch. Next step in create Hello kitty nail designs is to paint two black dots on each side. These are eyes of our kitty Hello Kitty. Horizontal lines Paint her eyes to be eyelashes. Then, using red enamel looks tracing loop. You paint it on side and start painting a red dot in center, and then you have to go painting sides of loop. Once you finish design, final step would be to apply a layer of top coat or nail polish to last longer and decorated our stay brighter.

You can also make Hello kitty nail designs with stickers. It’s easier. You can paste it into your nail stickers Hello Kitty whole or only a part, such as a loop and you decorate rest of nail. Ideally find whole bumper. To be nicer pint before your nails with glitter or nail with background of your choice, then stick sticker on center of nail and salt to show them off.