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Nail Art Pink And White Is Stellar

Nail art pink and white is nail trend for this season, it is simple and elegant. Star color manicure for spring / summer is white and clear and toned nude. White is definitely best color to blend into your Nail Art designs, especially for use as background for your nail design, so it’s time to innovate and try new designs with pink and white color.

Often involves simplicity and elegance that’s what happens with nail art pink and white. Paint your nails with white enamel and then you apply a generous pink coat of nail polish or top coat so that result is a radiant white manicure. Keep in mind that light colors will have to apply several coats of enamel so there are no gaps.

You can also try nail art pink and white in Manicure French inverted. It’s about making French manicure but with a less classical and original style. Also on reverse French manicure is often used colored glaze. To decorate your nails with this manicure first paint your nails with a coat of white enamel. Once dry this layer then use the French manicure guides but place them near end of nail and nail painted with pink color from remaining part guide to tip of nail. As always we recommend you apply to your nails a final touch of top coat to make them shine and durability.

If you want trendy nail art pink and white, you can make zebra nails design. This scenario is quite simple and gives a bold and original look to your nails. Furthermore, this look is timeless. I find it easier to do it using a nail punch or pointer. First thing you have to do is give him a white enamel base coat to your nails. Once dry, dip rounded tip of punch in pink enamel and see drawing irregular lines intertwined on your nail.