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Flower Nail Art Designs With Bobby Pin

Nail art design is not always difficult. You do not have to use a design that is difficult to get beautiful nails. You can use a simple design, and you can do it yourself. The design is simple and suitable for women are flowers. With a floral design, you will look more beautiful and feminine. If you do not have a special tool to make nail art, are we still able to make beautiful nail art? Can be, and easy way. You simply use a bobby pin or barrette black is often used to clamp the hair. It is easy to find and cheap. However, you have to find bobby pins are rounded bottom end.

Follow the following steps to generate some nail art designs with a bobby pin:


Step 1. Start with a daub top coat to protect the nail and moisturize. Top coat will usually also be a strong base for the nail polish coating, so it is not easy to fade.

Step 2. Create patterns using the end of the bobby pin, thin it before then you be creative with color. First, create a stigma part first, then the next circle surrounding the pistil of a flower petal strands. The color can variety, do not must be a color that seem as real flowers.

Step 3. To quickly dry, you can dry them using a fan.

Step 4. Make a second layer of petals that make any further raised by using a bobby pin once again. And finishing with drying, blow-dry using a fan. Some say dry out easily is by way of a hair dryer or soaked in ice water. However, typically using a hair dryer makes it easy to melt the paint layers and expands, whereas using ice can make dry longer.

Step 5. You layered again with top coat to maintain the core of nail art. This technique is easy and cheap, but you must be patient because it poured using bobby pin ends have to be careful. Usually if the paint is taken too much it will fall to clot. In addition, dry it also took a long time to produce the best nail. So, that is how to get the easy nail art designs.