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Nail Art Simple Design : Polka Diagonal

For beginners who want to learn nail art, you can use a nail art simple. With that, the beginner must learn nail art with easy design, such as polka diagonal. .Nail art or painting on the nail has long become a trend. Every woman wants to look beautiful nails. They often went to salon just to do nail art. Many salon nail art can be found in large shopping malls, offering a wide price range. In fact, you can do it yourself at home, even if you are a beginner in the world of nail art. If you want to display a simple homemade nail art, is not difficult. Quite a few nail polish colors and materials are easily available.

Materials for make nail art simple: Nail polish black and white( you can adjust with your desire), glitter Nail polish, nail polish base coat, nail polish top coat, Dotting tool (you can use the tip ballpoint that are not used), Isolation transparent, Scissors, cotton bud for correction. Easy is not it? These materials are very easy to get.


Tips and Tricks in nail art simple with designs of polka diagonal:

First, make sure your nails are dry and clean.

Second, apply a base coat so nails are protected and not easily fragile.

Third, after drying, cut the insulation using scissors and glue to the nail with a diagonal shape.

Fourth, Overwrite nails with black nail polish, wait for it to dry.

Fifth, Remove slowly isolation, you’ll find a neat diagonal pattern.

Sixth, with the help of dotting tool (or ballpoint), create a pattern on a white round black nail polish. Wait for it to dry.

Seventh, you have to overwriting the diagonal limit with glitter nail polish, if less thick, repeat when nail polish has dried.

Eighth, make sure all the nail polish is dry, and then apply a top coat of nail polish that is more durable.

Finally, if there is nail polish while working on the skin around the nail, wipe gently with a nail polish that has been moistened with water.