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Beautiful Nail Art Designs For Valentine’s Day

Nail art designs for Valentine’s Day is a way to change your look and be festive. In addition to choosing our attire, to be perfect, we cannot forget personal touches like hairstyle, makeup and why not fix nails with which we can amaze our partner. Valentine’s Day is opportunity to try some perfect designs on your nails. Instead of going to salon, make themed designs from home. You may need some practice to get right, but once you get hang, you’ll make your beloved and friends so impress.

This following is easy nail art designs for Valentine’s Day in heart design. First steps, Paint your nails with base coat. Apply a thin layer with three strokes. This will help polish stay smoother and last longer. Apply labels for nails or tape to separate paint nails. You can use that are already cut, but you can also make your own. Apply them so that only nails look.

Paint only tips with red glitter. Red is symbol of love and this color is suitable choice for nail art designs for Valentine’s Day. But you should carefully applying enamel with horizontal strokes. If you make mistakes, must be acceptable since put away tapes. Spend one or two coats and let it dry. Remove labels or tape. Do it carefully and try not to touch enamel.

Paint hearts at base of nail below tip. Use matte red enamel paint. To create a heart on each nail, paint two dots next to each other. Use nail brush to draw each item. This will create hearts .Paint a layer of final base. This will protect design and polish does not last long on natural nails. Do three strokes, one in middle, and two others, one on each side. And you’ll see beautiful nail art designs for Valentine’s Day.