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Attractive Nail Art Designs For Easter

Nail art designs for Easter with a rabbit and colors of spring is very attractive, very appropriate to celebrate Easter Sunday. Rabbits can never be left out of this celebration and therefore to decorate our nails either, this design is very colorful and just need paint of different colors, brush, Scotch tape and patience to achieve this style.

Rabbits nail art designs for Easter design is easy, is basically a freehand drawing, but drawing is not an easy supreme skill is needed. As you can see from picture design has a nail in each hand with rabbit and rest of nails is purple background and white stripes. You can change and put dots or do French instead of stripes. Another variation would leave two or three nails in one color background and this saves time.

Bunnies nail design is a very beautiful and delicate design in which you can see drawings; are very well made ​​and for this they have to be very patient and excellent pulse but worth it is a beautiful decoration nail art designs for Easter.

Another element of Easter is chicks and is highlighted in this design eggs and rabbits as well as chickens. In this combination you’ll need enamel of different colors, Scotch tape, a brush and a good pulse. This design is to simulate chicks inside his shell and fingers only decorate with colored dots. This is so that you do not get tired of decorating nails with all chicken simply because 2 fingers and other with an easier design. Chickens are also characteristic of festival and therefore nail art designs for Easter too, as you’ll see in this design is very easy and you only need 4 shades of varnish, being yellow most explode, plus you use a brush and help your pulse.