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Easy Nail Art Design Ideas At Home

Nail art design ideas is one of wildest fashion trends and is very funny. Need some supplies and your imagination. You can draw hearts, flowers, leopard spots or polka dots. Possibilities are endless. Designs can be done by hand or nail art brushes and facts that are pressed on your nails. Nail art can be done in comfort of your home without having to pay a professional to do so. It’s easy to do, and with wide variety designs on stores, it is always fun to choose a new one.

Before practice your nail art design ideas, Prepare your nails by removing all traces of old nail polish with nail polish remover. Make your cuticles back with an orange stick and lime wedges of your nails with a nail file to smooth hard or uneven areas. Polish surface of your nails with a nail buffer. Clean and dry your hands thoroughly to remove dust and dirt.


Apply a clear top coat polish and let dry before make nail art design ideas in various design. Paint each nail with color base of your choice. Be sure to choose a color that matches well with color of design will be drawn to applying. For example, if you are applying a picture heart shaped colored color. make sure your base color is a contrasting color, such as light pink, white or black. Let color dry completely basis.

Place nail brush on surface of your nails dry. Press firmly so that adhesive backing keeps design in place. Carefully apply color chosen polish brush over opening to create nail art design ideas. Let dry completely before applying another coat of clear top coat to seal and protect design. Last apply a second coat of clear top coat to seal and protect your design and let it dry completely.