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Amazing Toe Nail Designs

Toe nail designs and colorful feet do look good all women. If you want to show off your feet in high heels and sandals, adorn your feet with decorative nail styles. Choose from airbrush designs or those that are painted. Get creative and decorate those toes with colors and designs. If you’re not comfortable painting them yourself, check out salon beauty to do it for you.

A French pedicure is a classic is an understated look toe nail designs that works well with any outfit. French pedicure styles usually have a light pink on nail bed, with fine white tip on ends. There are some variations. If you want a more modern look, get a French pedicure with diamonds imitation positions just below white tip. it give amazing looks.

Flowers are a feminine toe nail designs. It is perfect for spring or summer. There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from. For a spring look, paint toenails a bright cream color. Put flowers only in big toes. You should be put on it because other fingers are too small. You can Use blue nail polish to paint flowers, or use tags for nails.


People will turn their heads to see of strawberries your toe nail designs. To create toenails with a theme of strawberries begins to paint your nails red. Then paint tips with a dark green color. After nail polish dries, paint white dots on red nail polish. As this may be difficult to do, it is a good idea for paint like a professional. You can also create strips toenails. They are a unique striped design. If you like dark colors, stripes painted black and red in toenails. They may be horizontal or vertical. If you prefer neutral colors, use colors like cream, brown and light blue to make them. Choose from thick or thin stripes.