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Easy Animated Nail Art Designs

We bring you on 3 easy animated nail art designs encouraged to do from home. With this idea you’ll get a funny look while original for your nails. Although at first glance you seem complicated to perform, you’ll see how with a little patience and right materials, you can create great designs.

  1. Stamping animated nail art designs emoticons. To give a more realistic touch in this design, first thing we do is paint base with yellow enamel. Then we paint faces on yellow background. For this we can use either a black thin nail brush or a toothpick or wet punch in black enamel for more precision. With enamel paint it black first two dots on top of nail by way of our eyes and then we draw smiley mouth, which vary according to expression you want.
  2. Animated nail art designs panda .To make this easier for you to design would be better to have rather long nails. First thing you have to do is apply a gloss base and paint white over bottom of nail. Then, to draw face we will need a punch manicure with different ball sizes. Use ball punch size on top with black enamel (it is always best to empty a little glaze and coat punch, so it is not pasty) and will draw top two spots with ears and eyes with two points midway through white surface. With smaller pellet in white enamel smeared paint inside of your eyes, With this size draw a dot ball down to be mouth.
  3. 3 animated nail art designs with cow print. first thing you imagine you print classic is cow, which trace hand painted black spots on white background, but this time I will explain a few tricks to make your manicure is much more original. This is to draw face of vacuity. First step is to paint nail in two colors; in white top and bottom in pink. Then paint it with small tip 4 parallel dots, two in half. And finally, we draw some cow spots and top.