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Secret Nail Art Designs Step By Step

Surely you’ve seen effect of degradation on nails and you’ve wondered how you do. Well, today we’re going to teach secret and different techniques to do gradient nail art designs step by step. It is extremely difficult but for this manicure design is going to need some accuracy especially not get dirty. There are different ways to do this decorated nails, so I will explain in detail two ways and you can choose one you like.

Before begin gradient nail art designs step by step, you need Makeup sponge, Nail colors you want to mix (recommended 2 or 3 maximum), Bud eye shadow (optional depending on technique you use), Cotton swab, Nail polish remover, and Gloss or nail polish.

First technique is Sponge Gradient Nail. This is perhaps most used and easiest technique of gradient nail art designs step by step. First you have to paint over a sponge colors you want to use followed by drawing lines. Then we will gradually sealing these lines in our nail with small dabs. Repeat process if we see that has not been fixed either color or if we want a more intense tone. As we will stain all fingertips, apply nail polish remover on cotton swab and carefully withdraw. Finally we will set with clear nail shine. Another way to degrade your nails with sponge technique is you paint your nails with a base and once dry we will apply color you want to give gradient. Will be easier if you get a little enamel on paper and you’re wetting sponge. That you can draw 2 lines of different colors on paper and fade them in center for a third color of same hue.


Second technique gradient nail art designs step by step is gradient nails with glitter. It is a very simple technique. Simply give it a base glaze to your nails and once dry apply glitter nail tip to middle of nail. Here you can play with shades of gold or silver glitter on dark background.