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Zebra Nail Tips

Go beyond classic nail colors and turn your manicure nail art. Painting prints is ultimate nail trend because it can be creative if you want to emulate your favorite celebrity nails, or be totally unique. Before running your safari-inspired design, do not forget to polish evenly and always buff nails before painting, it will be Zebra Nail Tips last longer.

In Zebra Nail Tips you should remove old nail polish thoroughly with nail polish. Soak nails in a small basin with warm water and liquid soap for 10 minutes. Thoroughly dry hands and nails. Clip and file nails with an average length to better present zebra nail design. Add a moisturizer, lotion scented oil or hand nails.


Apply a base coat. Follow a layer of varnish own nails with two coats of your background color. Start polishing in middle of nail. Finalize in smooth strokes until nail is completely covered with varnish. If you do a traditional Zebra Nail Tips print design, with black and white nail polish, bottom layer will be white. Allow nails to dry for 20 minutes.

Paint Zebra Nail Tips stripes. Short lines and small to create a fine line black (or color nail polish favorite). If you do not have a steady hand, use a small brush, half size of nail brush to create thin and small bands. Place brush in nail polish remover before plunging into color of nail polish. Paint a minimum of five thin stripes on each nail to get effect zebra printed. Allow nails to dry for an additional 20 minutes. Look for reversal of nail polish on the side of your fingers. Dip a cotton swab in the little nail polish remover to remove any excess polish. Apply a coat of clear varnish, using short, quick movements to prevent smudging of design and nails dry 10 minutes.