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Easy Nail Art Design Kits

Nail art design kits are designed to give you all tools you need to keep your nails and cuticles in top shape between visits to your favorite beauty salon. With nail kit you can manicure at home. it is easy and fun.

Nail art design kits usually come with nail clippers or scissors, a cuticle stick, cuticle cutter and emery boards to smooth nails and put them right way. Use of these products correctly, keeps nails strong and healthy, and save you from spending time and money to have someone else do it for you. Before applying a gel or nail design, you need to follow a few steps to nails are always perfect , so be aware of filing and trimming cuticles and dead skin and other impurities, this will help to your hands look clean and perfect.

Following we will give easy instruction how to use a nail art design kits. Wash hands with a mild soap and dry thoroughly then seeks. Cut your nails, using nail clippers, desired length and overall shape you want. Thin nails should be cut with nail scissors instead of heavy clippers, which could damage them.


Push cuticles back with stick specially designed for it. Use flat end for pushing cuticles back to birth of nail. Do this for each of cuticles. Cut with nail scissors or cuticle cutter for cuticle any loose or dead skin until you have desired shape. Use lime largest grain to smooth surface of nails. Wash your hands to remove dirt and dead skin, and apply hand lotion to soften. Nails can now be painted with a base coat or leave natural after using nail art design kits. but In order to get a more smooth and healthy hands and nails a beauty in which you can see after finishing whole process it is advisable to perform a hand massage with a good moisturizer , which will also help keep your skin in good condition to withstand ravages of climate.