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Cute Nail Designs

Lately, newspaper nail design is very fashionable nail art. it’s one of cute nail designs more popular among teenage girls in 2014. This is not difficult at all, you can do it at your home and you can get same great results as beauty salon by a professional. In this article, we explain how to paint your nails with newspaper so that you can wear a look great with overprinted letters in your hands.

To create this cute nail designs. First, take an old newspaper and cut small pieces of text, large enough to cover all of your nails. You need 10 bit, one for each nail. Then apply protective base and paint your nails white color, nude, pale pink or color you like as background, although we recommend it is a light color so that letters look better.

In a small bowl, check enough alcohol (ethyl alcohol of traditional 96 º serves) to dip in it and get nail and decorate your cute nail designs with newspaper. Leave it for about 10 seconds for it to soak in and then ink is transferred correctly.


Next step is to get finger of alcohol and cover nail with one of bits of newspaper. Use pressure for about 15 seconds and remove paper carefully. Times do not overdo it or paper will be glued to your nail and you’ll get great result of cute nail designs for quickly and easily. This nail art is simple and can be very good especially if you combine background color with a complement of clothes, makeup or even environment. If you want to be latest in nail art and surprise with an original and spectacular decoration nails, do not miss this design. Go ahead and decorate your nails with newspaper!