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Fasionable Summer Clothes For Women 2014

These are just some of the short dresses with trendy colors for the season summer, so let’s take this out because the bright colors are an important part of the upcoming season. Choose summer clothes for women 2014 colors like this pink dress, It can make you live a summer fresh, fun and above all to the last.

Other colors that look much in short dresses this season are the color blue. At Zara we can find models like this that besides having a striking tone, and that trend is, has a very simple design (with zipper in the back) and that makes it perfect for our day.

As we can see, these dresses are governed mainly by a specific trend, the cuts of the summer clothes for women 2014 that we see and jump out at you immediately is the geometric cuts that give a modern and futuristic style to spare as this model you see above in lilac and that belongs to the new collection.


On the other hand we can see that the summer clothes for women2014 are very tight to the body, this will shoulder because other trends in summer dresses and spring, you can see some air volume and more rested, but they specifically highlight the female figure as more appropriately makes this model Bershka.

For that you Gunning for something baggy short dresses, you can always you choose models that have a fairly informal style and to do nothing better than by joining the trend of “denim” as we see in this dress style “haberdasher”.

The supplements used in the case of shoes for example, is a detail that we must consider, because if we use the wrong can ruin the whole style in general. For its part, the bracelets for example, are also used according to the futuristic tone of the collection.