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Pink wedding gowns celebrities

Now, wedding dress does not have to be white, but there are also pink wedding gowns. Why the color pink? because the pink color favored by many women, in addition to the color pink is the color that symbolizes the feminine side of women. That is why many celebrities are choosing a wedding dress with a pink color, not only white wedding dress.

Some of the celebrities who wear pink wedding gowns at her wedding. First, Jessica Biel is wearing a wedding dress with a pink color when married to Justin timberline. The dress, pale pink with a simple design. Second, Anne Hathaway look so pretty with painted pink by Valentino at the bottom of the gown. His appearance is maximized with a headdress made ​​of lace material. The last, Reese Witherspoon wearing a pale pink dress Monique chillier design. The dress looked consists of lace corset, ribbon and tulle skirt A-line. The celebrities are very pretty wearing a pink wedding gowns.