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Amazing combination of red wedding dress

Red wedding dress and gold is an amazing combination that gives a new air and elegant to your day. Combinations of colors you choose for your wedding not only affects all details, from invitations to flowers and dresses of bridesmaids, but also prove your style.

Red wedding dress is elegant color, perhaps with a few touches of gold, like embroidery of gold or gold shoes to complete look. You can also opt for a soft, muted golden for dresses. Avoid metallic gold because it will look vulgar.

Red wedding dress symbolizes passion and love. Also, it is a place in a marriage, and if you want to wear this color for your big day, nothing should able to stop you. You can choose to wear only a few elements of your dress in red. So you can opt for a stole red, red brocade or stones and other embroidery in red and leave rest blank.