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Interiors in Gray Paint Colors

Gray paint colors are special to develop peaceful and elegant atmosphere, more or less illuminated according to the brightness or clarity of the chosen tone. They are good companions of any other color; they carry with, black, natural white and especially warm tones. Some examples of the darkest clear:

  1. SOFT TONESThey are the closest to the target or gray paint colors, thus adding some length to the lighting and environment in which they are used. Special to modern decor styles, type minimalist or edgy.
  2. ICE GREY: Generally pairs well with darker shades of gray, different shades of wood, especially clear, chrome steel or wood and modern design furniture. You can use some colorful accessories in warm colors (orange, red) or cool (green, blue, purple) to color the atmosphere.
  3. TONE MEDIA FOR GRAY PAINT COLORSHere we find the tone halfway between white and black. Use white, who may be included in fabrics, ceiling and beams, baseboards, baseboards, decorative borders or any supplement, is essential.
  4. ASH GRAYThe use of light and dark woods suits her very well. As creams, beige and all pastels letter. Achieve a more harmonious with a dark hue environment.
  5. DARK TONES: The gray in these shades are very elegant and give the space of distinction. They can be accompanied with accessories and furniture, especially soft colorful, natural, or otherwise generate ringtones for a more attractive environment. Good for the use of wood in midtowns.
  6. GREY TAUPELogically enough gray paint colors reduce the proportions of the environment, in addition to its lighting, so it is suitable for large and with good natural light and artificial environments.
  7. GRAPHITE GREY:  The name you have placed each photograph is not necessarily the same one that you know. Hence the reference to the gray paint colors is the right way to choose the tone indicated. Remember that according to the monitor