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Interior Design Pictures in the Wall

The wall design is a popular resource today to decorate spaces. To begin we must define the wall that is to be used, and to remember the color range it has. You also have to think about the subject that will focus the wall (family, travel, ideas), considering different sizes of frames, frames unify with the same style and tone, and decide if there will be a central box within the interior design pictures.

Before you start to hang, place them on the first floor and play with them until the desired interior design pictures. Draw the outline of the boxes on a wider role, paste with paper tape on the wall, positioning the nails, and voila! But before this, consider some of these ideas on how to design and group pictures.

Use a pair of full size interior design pictures and mount them one below the other. Hence using a piece that covers from the height of the tallest box, to the floor. Not everyone has to be pictures – you can also assemble pieces of wood or doors. You can also add more pieces that are on the floor, preferably used three as in this picture.

Revive your wall stairs design with oblique walls. Grouping image at interior design pictures on the same topic and in neutral or gray shades. To start designing wall displays an oblique line and determines the space that’ll leave no pictures from the rail up. Hence start your assembly center to the sides. Remember that one way to facilitate this type of work is to create a visualization of your mounting on the floor.

Creating a wall with full size interior design pictures in a straight line is an idea for very elongated spaces. Find frames the same color and group photographs of the same size.  One trend is to create pictures with a large swath those two walls. Define which will be the wall that you want to have more visual load. Hence, rides a group box into the long, continued on the other wall making shorter extension (asymmetric).