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Interior Design Inspiration by Morocco

You want to capture the exoticism, sensuality and colorful Arabian Nights in the comfort inside your home? Regardless of your budget, here you will find the formula to interior design inspiration by Moroccan.

Consider the geographical beauty of interior design inspiration by Morocco when selecting the color palette. Search the vibrant shades of red, green and blue that you see in the Mediterranean Sea; and gold, silver and burning and intense around the Sahara desert yellow.

Create a lush, tropical environment bringing in outside. Use exotic plants and flowers, murals, textured walls and water fountains. Terracotta tiles are also a typical decorative detail. In interior design inspiration by Morocco, these types of tiles are used on floors throughout the house. The walls are covered almost exclusively in kitchens and bathrooms. Incorporated within, unique accents such as lamps and lanterns hanging from the wall, rugs, carpets, mirrors, curtains and traditional art. These decorative details can greatly enrich the overall theme of the room.

Use traditional interior design by Moroccan furniture size or Arab-inspired pieces like tables and consoles covered with mosaics, carved wooden cabinets, chairs and wrought iron benches or chairs and sofas upholstered in fabrics with an air of Morocco. Frames the entrance to the room with a decorative carved door. In Morocco, the doors are another opportunity to show the intricate and symbolic designs handcrafted woodwork.