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Discover the Latest Interior Design Trends

Latest interior design trends Every year new trends emerge and others are kept from previous years. This 2014 will see an interest in the old days, as the retro styles, Art Deco and classic are the most popular. This does not mean that we forget the advances of today, since technology is changing the interior design as well. This year is looking to create a look eclectic , pieces that mix yesterday, with today’s technology. Personal tastes will also be the most important this season, so do not be afraid to decorate your home with your favorite pieces and create your own fashions.

1. Gilded details

Gold accents, in different materials and in different ways, will be one of the biggest trends of the year. Note that should be details, and gold should not be used in large quantities. Furniture with gold trim, gold fabric cushions or frame mirror is all you need to make your home look modern and chic. Use only one to two pieces with details of this color, and use them as the focus of your decor.

2. Geometric Patterns

As for patterns and prints, popular 2014 will be geometric. These are perfect to implement another trend of the year, contrasting colors. The geometric patterns are perfect for cushions, which complement the decor without attracting too much attention. But they will be not only in textiles, but also in wallpaper, furniture and modern accents. The Greeks also prints will be popular again not only in textiles, but also on edges of furniture.


3. Contrasting colors

The color blocking trend remains, and this year we will see in more saturated colors yet. Do not be afraid to use textiles to mix orange, fuchsia, blue, green and yellow. To keep your balance, make sure you have enough, especially white, neutral colors in your decor. Start small if your style is mostly neutral. I recommend you implement color blocking in small ways, like a vase, vase or picture frames. For the bravest, an accent wall or furniture painted in bright colors will add interest to the decor.

4. Black

Gradually, the black is becoming more popular, but not like a latest interior design trends. Instead of black furniture, the trend is to paint accent walls this color, or using lacquered furniture or other material that reflects, black. The black majority should not be, and should be used just for the environment look more elegant . Some details of this color, such as vases also achieve this effect.

5. Classical

As I mentioned, this year everything old is trend, and although the retro style and Art Deco were already popular from 2013, this year’s Classic win more space. One of the details that will be are more statues and pieces of art from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Greek sculptures will also be another popular decorative detail. One of the ways in which this trend is more furniture is implemented with the Victorians to the head. Remember it is important to be eclectic decorating, look not create a completely classical decoration, but some pieces mixed with other modern.

6. Kitchens large and comfortable

Forget the kitchen uncomfortable and separated from the rest of the house. This space has become the center of the home, and it is not only used for cooking. It is important that the kitchen is connected to the living and dining rooms, so many new homes are being built that way, and many renovations include removing walls to create a large and connected environment. But aside from connecting the kitchen, this year will see the tendency to create comfortable spaces where cooking and socializing. Islands, cabinets to ceiling, tiled splash, and granite best quality will be part of the renovations most popular. The technology is also implemented more in the kitchen, from cabinets installed on tablets, smart appliances to see if products to create a more efficient space.

7. Accessories worldwide

This year another trend we will see is the implementing details and accents from around the world, creating a collection of travelers different from latest interior design trends. Fail to use memories of your trips at home, and the more color and texture are better. Add accessories from different ethnic style, to create an interesting and attractive decor. Use Tribal prints, African and Native Americans, apart from memories of different cultures. Combine these details with neutral furniture and other natural elements such as plants, to create a bohemian look.