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Interior Decor Ideas With Houseplant

Interior decor ideas – In this double-height living room with a calanchoes have been placed in two large pots to make the step and prevent falls. For these plants bloom again, should not receive more than twelve hours of daylight. Planters fiberglass, similar in frond. To display these brown water the pots have been replaced by aluminum cubes in lemon yellow. To hide the earth, the top is covered with river pebbles. It is a tropical perennial tree that does not tolerate the cold, but it is very decorative for its twisted trunk.

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Choose a plant with personality for the center table . Amaryllis, a bulbous that adapts well to indoor environments, blooms every year and ensure that you receive a lot of light, but never directly. Place in a current pot in bright tones. If you have high ceilings, or an open space staircase, decorate with tall plants, like bamboo, known as the steel plant for its toughness and flexibility. If you choose other choice, make sure it is durable and flexible at the same time, otherwise the branches may break. This plant should never be near a radiator or other heat source. You’ll like the photo in pots Nurseries Costelloe.


The development of the arms of some cactus is so spectacular that look like artwork and are perfectly integrated design environments. This variety is the Euphorbia pseudocactus and needs little water. Interior decor ideas with plants make the space warmer house. The bromeliad is a perennial variety of Brazil, very simple and sturdy. Being tropical, requires that the soil is moist. Planters, similar in Verdecora.

The orchid is always very elegant and delicate. Use it to add a touch of color, even in the minimalist spaces. Potted these plants do not need the dish that is usually put in the base, since it must not be in contact with water. Remember that you have to water it with warm water. Have a desk in a passageway or integrated in another environment? Take the beauty of a plant to identify the area. Select a container in the same line as the furniture. Many of these models incorporate allow self-watering and lighting systems.

An extra large specimen is the focus of visual attraction in decor, like this kentia. This is specifically a Howeia spp adapting to varied conditions. The pot should be high and have room around the plant to look at its best. If you do not know interior decor ideas with certainty what a plant needs are, avoid the incidence of direct sunlight. Use a pair of identical containers in different sizes to decorate a dresser or desk assistant. Plants provide beauty and color. The aloes will also be very successful couple. Also, inside homes because they will not easily grow cold.