“If you can organize your kitchen,
you can organize your life.”

Modern And Elegant Interior Home Designs

Interior home designs – Two large plants rationally distributed and a garden with a small pool make this home, located just outside Madrid, a dream come true for its owners. All rooms have a timeless elegance thanks to the design of modern pieces, such as those chosen to decorate the living room, a room in which the gray tones blend with white and wedge. On the ground floor, with direct access to garden, designed and performed by Carmen Tornavaca landscape, enterprise-Torca projects share space two zones to be created around the fireplace, the dining room and kitchen.

In the interior home designs was careful choice of materials, both in the furniture and textile coatings and to achieve overall harmony. In the kitchen, the wood has a tone furniture was updated with pure design of handles, front lines and appliances in steel. Glossy granite countertop is functional and durable. The absence of wall tiles away decoration classic choice for kitchen.


The wallpaper is warmer, especially in the dining area which was located at one end of the kitchen, next to the island. As the family spends enough time in this corner, wanted her to have all the amenities, hence a television was installed on the wall.

The master bedroom is furnished with two open cubes as tables and a headboard, all made ​​to measure. Choosing shades reaffirms sobriety furniture. In the bathroom this line was maintained with a combination of neutral tones in wedge wood furniture that decorates the front of the sink.

The views of the garden care, looking to sneak out the window, are an added value that enriches the whole. In the nursery neutral tones are still present, but dotted with colors in a palette of pinks and purples. The painted interior home designs wall paper and the whole table and chairs, as its small owner, get all the attention.