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Configured Space With Design My Home Itself

Configured Space with Design my home itself. Thing we mean when we call entry hall, but it is actually the same, we all know what we’re talking about.

The entrance to design my home is the first room we met upon entering. It is our calling card, which he tells us as our guests. The truth is that decorating and designing these spaces is not easy, as they tend small and to me it seems that sometimes are “space debris”, i.e. spaces that have been design in forcibly.

It seems to us that the entry is a special place; it may mean a loss of square meters, or the start of a corridor, etc…


There are several inputs to special place in your home:

  1. Common in homes of the late twentieth century. spaces were small, less than 4 square meters, even possessed doors for access to the surrounding rooms.
  2. Open are those that delimited by blind elements, a wall, shelf, etc. … but they have no door separating them from other spaces.
  3. Such space-hall, characterized part of the hall itself or house dealer has the same width with design my home and no difference between the advice space and the space of layout of the house
  4. Entries are large, full of character; do not need no doors or dividing walls, although sometimes they have to get access to other rooms. They are so big spaces that should have treated with the same criteria as other rooms of a design my home. Typically have light own entries.

We, personally we think that the most interesting are that have no dividers and configured space with design my home itself. In the pictures you have a couple of examples and suggestions for decorating entrances to housing.