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Ideas For Decorating A Living Room

Ideas for decorating a living room - Living areas were formerly used for formal occassions site special or for important guests; today are more functional spaces. Truly living rooms serve multiple purposes, including media centers, home offices, and family rooms, dining places, rest, study and main entertainment room. Ideas for decorating a living room requires maintaining its many uses in the first plane of your decisions of the design, and at the same time allow expressing your style.

Modern and contemporary living rooms

The modern and contemporary styles are still the favorite in the decoration of a living room. Many modern designs include modular furniture with minimal detail but multiple functions. A library can have an elongated for use as table or desk for a computer rack. Two small ottomans with surfaces that function as folding trays can serve as coffee tables as makeshift seats or for storage. A futon style sofa on a single frame can be deployed and operated as a bed. A wall that stands out, a bright color or containing a mural can give life to a forgotten corner and serve as a focal point.


Rustic lounges

The excitement of designing living rooms in a rustic style, sloppy but elegant setting, natural or bohemian yet modern, is that you can integrate legacy assets of the family , objects found in flea markets, attic treasures, items purchased in sales Garage and projects for you in decorating. Aesthetics focuses on the passage of time and the beloved, so objects with a long and intriguing history take center stage. The eclectic style emphasizes, therefore, feel free to mix a faded sofa with flowers with an oriental rug or a bright striped rug. A round table in dark wood coffee becomes something rustic but elegant with a single layer of lime to whiten the edges give an antique appearance and revealing the dark wood underneath. Try some paper lanterns or silk grouped to give an original touch, and highlights other dark areas with white candles on wrought iron chandeliers or a single row of candles at night.

Living rooms with ecological designs

One of the recent most talked about styles is green designs terminations ecological aspect. In the living room, start with major projects such as solar tubes or skylights to take advantage of natural light. The non-toxic paints and finishes on walls, floors and furniture expand on. Emphasizes the nature of materials and accessories. A base of trunk under glass serves as coffee table and adds visual interest. Bamboo floors or cane or rattan mats give texture to the ground. The organic fabrics in shades of cream, pale earth and a touch of green offer a relaxing atmosphere. Hang green leafy plants around door frames, or decorate the window frame with small terracotta pots containing colored succulents or cactus. Ocean brings something to your room decorating a floating shelf or the top of a cabinet with snails, stones, sea urchins and corals.