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Colors For Modern Living Room Design

There are many decoration ideas available for modern living room design that you can choose according to style and budget. Design of a living room is an interesting and challenging task, but can be easy when information about modern living room tips is obtained.

One idea to created modern living room design, you can add plants in your living room .Having plants are always a good idea to decorate your living room. It not only gives life to place, but also gives a natural aroma.

Feel free to use a combination of colors that is appealing to you and all at home. Colors used in a living room mostly denote personality of people living there. But always main point to remember when selecting color is to ensure that effect is cozy. Lights in living room also play an important role in providing a modern living room design. Lighting should be carefully and correctly positioned for bright and cozy room also.

We are in a difficult choice. The advice can be given on this important sector of the house, are not determining factors when choosing the color for modern living room design, and rely heavily on personal taste. The hall or room is the place where we spend more time at home, we received visits, watch TV, read, met the family, and so much more. Therefore it must be a pleasant climate, relaxation, to forward personality, but that is also friendly even for those not living in the home.

The colors in the style: If you decide to give your home a decorative style, this will be in charge of dictating their own colors of the same, for example Minimalism prefer neutral colors, white, black, raw trucks … In a Pop Art style type opt for bright colors , complementary colors , yellow, red, green …
And so, you have no problem because of the color of the walls, furniture and accessories; you should just follow certain “requirements”, plus add your personal touch.


The colors and lighting: The amount of light that enters a room changes the perception of size and colors. If you want a bright, besides large windows or artificial light, use clear combinations give birth to living. However dark tones darker environments but create a climate of depth and serenity. Artificial lighting in this area should not be intense and direct. Diffuse light creates a cozy place, a serene atmosphere of quiet to read, talk, or watch TV, further emphasizes the decorative objects.

Color Scheme: Not too intense colors like red, orange, nor too strong contrasts of recommended complementary colors. No more than 2 colors on the walls. If you want to test you can do it with decorative objects, furniture or accessories. If you choose the white color should not be pure, but broken or dirty, ice towards a key target in particular or tinted with a bit of black dye. White can also be neutralizing to intense as yellow tones, creating a lively and elegant at the same time weather.

The living room and other environments: Depending on the design of the house, the living room or can be linked by a door, an opening without a door or even in the same room connected to a dining room. This is one reason to think the two colors as a whole. You can create a continuum of colors, which will play in both environments. Or you can create a little contrast by choosing a darker or light for different rooms separated by a door opening without color.