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Tips For Interior Design Ideas Living Room

Interior design ideas living room are delicate spaces created. Usually not all have an extra room especially dedicated to this purpose, so that the ideal is to create a functional space for our day to day but that can perfectly suit our guests the time comes, and that is a place where they feel comfortable. To create this functional space for us and for our guests we have prepared a series of ideas and tips that you may find useful. They will see the choice of many of the elements that make up the room, from the colors of the same, to details like the bed or the chosen subject.


Colors for a guest room: With the colors of the guest room you can play the card personalization, but it is important to respect certain criteria for matching the selection. The main premise is that we must make our guests feel at home in a cozy space. To achieve the ideal is to opt for a monochrome painting in neutral colors (light gray, dark gray, chocolate, cream or white) or pastel colors (yellow, green or blue) to convey a sense of tranquility, perfect for relaxation, and step will expand the sense of space in the room. Besides this neutral shade lets you easily combine various styles of bedding.


Furniture for a guest room: Choosing furniture that will make up this room mainly depends on the space available. If we have no space problems we can choose to place a bed with their nightstands, a small closet for guests to store their belongings, and various solutions as if it were a normal bedroom. If you have limited space or want to combine function with another guest room, as the creation of a small living room or a playroom, it is best to opt for solutions to sleep like a folding sofa bed or an air mattress, a mirror to give more light to the room and make it appear larger, multifunctional furniture, etc.


Choosing bed: As we announced previously, the choice of a bed in a guest room mainly depends on the use you’re going to give daily. If we want this to be a normal extra room because guests receive quite frequently, it is normal to believe a normal bedroom with a bed of at least 90 cm wide. Conversely, if we want a bedroom that takes the place of daily living or study area, it is best to opt for versatile solutions. The main (and therefore begin with) is the choice of a sofa bed , perfect solutions for a comfortable sofa for day to day but can accommodate a guest in due course.


Guest Room Oriental style: we try to get the general feel of this bedroom is not too personal, so avoid placing personal photos of our family in this space or personal memories. Ideally, the chosen theme is neutral, as well as minimalist as possible. Finally say that if you want to know if you’ve chosen well all together and if you want to make sure your guests are comfortable in your guest room, it is best to do the test yourself. Sleep on it a night or two and experience their feelings. So find out if you need something to add, if the bed is comfortable, if the distribution is appropriate, etc.