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Interior Design Ideas For Living Room With Mosaic Floor

Interior design ideas for living room – The living room serves as an entertainment center for the home where surely the family and guests gather. And, in most houses, the entrance leads directly to the living room and is the first impression people inside your home are carried. The floor can set the design standard for the whole room, and mosaics let you set the mood and introduce your design aesthetic (fashion, home, elegant, rustic or artistic) amicably and tidy.


The furnishings and decor should work with the floor to create a look that is uniquely yours, reflecting your lifestyle, personality and comfort level.

Mosaics Plaid

Interior design ideas for living room with Mosaics Plaid. The checkered tile floors use alternating colors to create a complete design that resembles a board of chess. For living rooms, the effect is achieved with subtle variations in color instead of a definite contrast. The exception is a black and white retro dining 1950s or art deco style in which the bold, rich colors blend with the overall decor of the house.



Interior design ideas for living room with Mosaics. The design uses mosaic tiles of different colors and shapes to create a visual image. The designs of handmade tiles require considerable artistic ability and talent, but result in unique and impressive homes. Prefabricated mosaic designs available on mesh supports people who want the look but do not have the artistic ability or time are. The living room is a great place to install tiles on the floor because almost every place entering the house can see them.


Interior design ideas for living room to create a mosaic border around the living room, choose ones that are of a single color for the center of the room and patterned tile or contrasting to the outer edge. For more visual interest, use a separate form for the edge; egg large square tiles in the center and a rectangular and narrow for the rim. This works great on tile floors to be covered with carpet, as the design of interest is only visible at the edges of the room, or a living room undermined where the edges are well defined.