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Ducati Monster Models Sporty

The Ducati Monster was first introduced in 1992 as a new naked bike presented model. Since the Italian motorcycle factory Ducati was towards the beginning of the 90s in a financial emergency, they had brought the monster model as an inexpensive vehicle on the market.The Ducati Monster has been designed according to the modular principle. So the monster was, for example, with a Super Sport equipped engine, the chassis and the frame came, however, from the Superbikes . The Ducati Monster models of the optical design ago a Street Fighter very similar. The appearance of the monster was created by the designer Miguel Angel Galluzzi.

Ducati Monster models inspire for nearly twenty years by numerous innovations. From the year 1997, the classic monster series is complemented by the Dark models. Three years later, in 2000, the Ducati Monster S4 rolled off the line, which was the first monster model equipped with a water-cooled four-valve engine. A renovation in 2004, the artfully designed single-sided swingarm, the Monster S4R Monster and since then, all SR models graces for the first time. The SR models come with a windshield and a wider rear tire. Launched in 2006, Ducati Monster S4RS Testastretta is so far the strongest monster model. A year later came the Monster 696 in the trade, which was completely redeveloped. However, the monster model with the largest displacement is the Monster 1100, which was presented in 2009. It has a 1078 cc big engine.


In addition, the single-sided swingarm is made ​​of a light metal casting. In contrast to the Monster 1100 Monster 1100 S variant is fitted with lighter rims, different parts made ​​from carbon, with special suspension components. Like all Ducati Monster models is also installed in the Monster 1100 a forward inclined V-twin-cylinder engine. For the Monster models characteristic also is the desmodromic valve control. The Monster motorcycles from 2001 are also with a fuel injection and a 6-speed manual gearboxfitted.

Despite these similarities, the individual Ducati Monster models in terms of cooling, the valve number and the displacement differ. There are the models Ducati Monster 600, 750, 900, 620, 695, 696, 796, 1000, S2R 800, S2R 1000, 1100, 1100 S, S4, S4R Desmoquattro, S4R Testastretta and S4RS. The Ducati Monster test was the Monster 696 excellent, monster typical handling and excellent engine performance certified. Accordingly, the Ducati Monster is easy to throw in the curves, agile and nimble. In addition, the ease of use of the clutch spring was praised.