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Honda NSR 125 Performance

The abbreviation stands for NSR Honda for pure racing. The Grand Prix racing machines NSR 250 and 500 carry the three famous letters.
A 125 cc motorcycle for use on public roads NSR to call 125, this idea probably comes from the Honda marketing department. A pseudo-racing machine for the daily commute to school or training establishment, absolutely necessary is not. But not completely outlandish. The Honda NSR 125 was the dream of many young people. Yeah right, WAR! The Honda NSR 125 was produced until 2003 and was the last of its kind

Powered Honda NSR 125 is the of a single-cylinder high performance two-stroke engine. In environmental terms, is the course an anachronism. The tiny screamer spits more poisonous gases as an eight-cylinder SUV and burns it more fuel than a 1.5 ton diesel van. And of course makes hellish fun.
It has the Honda NSR 125 two faces. For young people who want to make their dream subset legally at 16, ends the fun at 15 hp and 80 kilometers per hour speed limit. However, anyone who has the “big” motorcycle license and want to treat something really fancy, the accesses to the open version.Unthrottled – uninhibited is the better expression – makes the angry Zwiebacksäge up to 34 hp easy. That’s enough space for 170 kilometers per hour top speed and very strong acceleration. Reasonable all that is not. But there should be contemporaries, for which there is nothing more beautiful than politically incorrect and totally pointless to make a small evil motorcycle on the road for corresponding vertebrae. And that’s what the Honda NSR 125 is made. Against a “normal” bike with similar engine power, the NSR would have in a sober test no chance.


The little Honda is just a bit crazy, who cares for the Honda NSR 125 and they want to buy second hand, need not necessarily also be crazy, but it helps. A throttled version to get for less than 1,000 euros, the open are much more expensive.Very dangerous: Open, sold and run as throttled. This is prohibited and criminally, but will gladly practiced especially by young people. . Then the drive instead of 80 km / h twice and thus without a license eight liters of fuel per 100 kilometers consumed a briskly moving – something else does not come into question anyway – Honda NSR 125 to the E-10 Compatibility: No, the new eco- gasoline like the nasty little not at all.currently offered The Honda CBF 125, a reasonable economical four-stroke engine with 11 hp, is to replace the NSR. She will never be able to.