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Design Honda CBR 600 RR

The Honda CBR 600 RR seems to come not only looks right out of GP racing scene, and technically it is closely related to the extreme racing machines. According to Honda several findings from motorsport flowed directly into the series machine Honda CBR 600 RR. Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world, manufactures two-and four-wheeled, stands for reliability, durability and quality.

What the function of the middle-class super sports car is already clear: The Honda CBR 600 RR is designed for the extremely fast road use, but the real hunting grounds are closed off race circuits where amateur racers can practice without worrying about driver’s license and automobile cross traffic to their passion. Of course you can also go to the Honda CBR 600 RR daily to the work site. Whether this is a welfare for this fascinating racing, but must be questioned. The CBR wants to run, and quickly as possible. This street-legal Honda victories would have been possible in motorcycle racing not too many years ago quite.

Technically exploits the newly redesigned Honda from the solid.Currently makes the four-cylinder 120 hp, with 184 kg dry weight of a very clear message. The maximum speed – at the Super athletes rather a by-product of power – is given 265 kilometers per hour. But the absolute highlight is the suspension, which hardly used standard components, but combined in an impressive way the best of the best together.


Here everything is just right down to the last detail. For example, the fuel tank is cleverly shaped and lowered to move the center of gravity as far as possible towards the “road”. In everyday use, the course is interesting, on the track can the success of this measure in tenths of a second measure to gain time.

What must not be overlooked: There are some, for which the Honda CBR 600 RR was not built. In city traffic, it seems out of place, the passenger space is unacceptable, and despite surprisingly comfortable suspension, the machine is due to the extremely sporty riding posture is not exactly comfortable. The tire costs are high, and driving requires a lot of discipline and responsibility. Incidental: the purchase price of 12,800 euros.