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Sport Bike Yamaha XJ 600

The Yamaha XJ 600 belongs to the class of super sports cars.As a super sports bikes are known, which are geared towards sportiness. The Yamaha XJ 600 but a good compromise between sportiness and everyday practicality has been found.The production period this machine was between 1984 and 1990. Nevertheless, this bike is still very popular. This is primarily because it has a good-natured temperament and is easy to master. Therefore, the Yamaha XJ 600 is also very good for beginners. Frequently, this machine is also used in driving schools.

Yamaha XJ 600 is powered by a four-stroke engine with four cylinders. This engine has a displacement of 592 cc. At an engine speed of 10,000 revolutions per minute, the maximum power of 54 kW is achieved. That converts to about 73 hp. But there is also a restricted version with an output of 34.9 kW or 48.5 hp at an engine speed of 9250/min. The somewhat weaker version is often used in driving schools. Over a six-speed manual gearbox, the engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel with a chain. The top speed is 198 km / h. The throttled execution reaches 178 km / h.


The seat height is at the Yamaha XJ 600 only 790 mm.Therefore, this bike is also ideal for drivers with short stature.The seating position is relatively upright, so that even longer distances to be covered more relaxed. In order to slow down even sure this 203 kg heavy bike, is located on the front wheel a dual hydraulic disc with a diameter of 267 mm. At the rear there is a single disc with an identical diameter. Both brakes are hydraulically actuated. The braking force can be precisely metered, so there will be no unexpected reactions when braking. The Yamaha XJ 600 is standard clad in a half shell. This has the advantage that all the components of the engine are easily accessible.