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Honda CBR 125 R Design

With a Honda CBR 125 R – the opinion of many motorcyclists – you never do anything wrong. Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world, manufactures two-and four-wheeled, stands for reliability, durability and quality. The only downer: Honda is considered always a bit more expensive than the competition both in motorcycles as well as in cars.

However, this is not always true. A most gratifying exception provides the light motorcycle Honda CBR 125 R (the second “R” stands for a sporty appearance). The price of 3,400 Euros is fair, even extremely fair for a Honda. For here we have not to do it with a cheap bike from China, Korea or Taiwan, but with a small full-fledged motorcycle one of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers in the world. At Honda, take the small 125-er for the young quite seriously.


In technical terms, the Honda CBR 125 R the full program: single-cylinder, four-stroke, naturally with fuel injection. Electric starter and six-speed gearbox are also natural. That is at the low price of frame made of steel and not aluminum, which is forgivable.On the driving stability has no influence anyway, more than the car’s weight, which is still in the green zone with a full tank 136 kg. Full tank means in the case of CBR that are ten liters of fuel on board, ranging up to 300 kilometers driven. Typical Honda: In addition to the eye-catching Repsol racing machine painting there is the CBR for people who prefer a more discreet appearance, even in plain black. Of course, the joy of driving does not detract. Missing tried the mini-engine torque with engine speed (the maximum output of 14 hp is only at 10,000 revolutions per minute) to make up. This must be like. A steam hammer starting at idle speed the arms pulls a long, 125-he is not natural. Your qualities lie elsewhere: A sensible bike that looks just unreasonable. High quality at a reasonable price, great driving fun included.